Saturday, August 19, 2017

Do you believe historical statues and monuments honoring the soldiers who fought for the Confederate States should be removed?

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  1. I believe that people who advocate the descreation of these monuments should be sent to a nation that agrees with their sentiments. Someplace like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, or China.

    They know nothing, honor nothing, create nothing. They want to see the world burn. They know what they dislike not what they like.

    May they all burn in hell.

  2. Absolutely not!! Only communists and Muslims do that, right?

  3. All monuments for either cause should be left alone. Congress enacted that theze soldiers are American Veterans. Their graves, and "Memorials," are sacred. You may not like a statue or memorial in a given place, but regardless of your bias and/or hatred, YOU were not present in that time of strife. You may think you know a thing, but not having lived through it, your opinion is only an assumption, not fact.

  4. Recur to and practice that once-upon-a-time liberal virtue, "tolerance". --Ron W

    1. once-upon-a-time liberal virtue, "tolerance"

      Good point.

  5. All together now: If you voted yes, you're an aaaaasssssshooollllle!,,,,,,