Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NC: A Shotgun You Haven't Seen: EM-12B

Via Cousin John


  1. I indeed have never seen a gun like that. I'm somewhat confused as to what I'm looking at.

    It is interesting.

    1. It's a 12 gauge shotgun like my Saiga which can accept the 12 round mag but not the 20 round drum which the Saiga can.

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    2. Ty. I understand now.

      The only shotguns I'd seen (and used) previously were the ones you load manually. For duck hunting.

      I know some can load manual shotguns very quickly, but I'd never seen a clip like that for a shotgun.

      That'd be a good gun to have. A long-range rifle would be good also, to defend one's house if in the country.

      Open borders folks want gun control, because you don't know who's entering society. A less fluid society though can be much more free. A militia can provide much of the defence a society needs.

      That fluidity is a major negative of capitalism. That's why I say it's not just socialism that's the problem. And I *do not* claim to have flawless answers. It's just a problem that needs stating.

      Also, higher concentration of people trends towards less freedom, as I've said before.

    3. I have the Saiga and an AK among others.