Tuesday, August 1, 2017

North Carolina Passes First Free-Speech Law To Prevent Campus Censorship

Via Billy

North Carolina has become the first state to enact free-speech legislation based on the Goldwater Institute proposal, authored by Stanley Kurtz of National Review and Jim Manley and Jonathan Butcher of Arizona’s Goldwater Institute.

According to Kurtz, much of the credit for the passage of the Restore Campus Free Speech Act belongs to North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, who worked with Kurtz since 2015, when Kurtz offered “A Plan to Restore Free Speech on Campus” at NRO.

The North Carolina Restore Campus Free Speech Act passed 80 to 31 in the House; 10 Democrats; surprisingly, roughly one-quarter of the Democrats in the House voted for the bill. In the state Senate, all 34 GOP members voted for the bill; all 11 Democrats voted against it.

Governor Rory Cooper did not act on the bill, which allowed it to pass. 17 colleges and universities are in the University of North Carolina system,

Butcher delightedly said:


  1. Sorry state of affairs when laws have to be passed to prevent censorship, and "allow" free speech.
    Isn't that what the US and state constitutions have already addressed? Along with past court decisions?


  2. Is this bill going to stop the Antifa savages from their violent attacks on "free speech". Heavens, another paper law? I thought the founders cemented free speech in the 1st Amendment. Demand the authorities enforce the laws that have been around for 240 years.