Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Charlottesville Doctrine

Further demonstration of the fact that the terms Republican and Democrat have no meaning is the way the cowards and traitors of the Republican establishment have come out in favor of Antifa, the new KKK of both parties. There is no other way to interpret the vehemence with which the Bushes, Rubio, McCain, Cory Gardener, etc, etc have attacked Trump for pointing out the simple fact that violence was unleashed on the white supremacists and Nazis at the Charlottesville protest.

Like 'em or not, the white supremacists and Nazi's had a permit to rally and it was the responsibility of the state to protect that right and to protect the demonstrators. Those who did not have a permit were the Antifa counter-demonstrators, who arrived with weapons and the intent to inflict injury on the protesters. This is a coordinated attack on other Americans aided and abetted by the state and city governments.


  1. Well, when you cut to the chase, the GOPe, the Rinos, and the entire Left has come out in support of the Communists. Plain and simple, and it is time we called them on it. Call the bastards, and demand an explanation...I have a pretty good list for tomorrow. Remember, they are on "recess" (spit), so look up the home district numbers..

  2. There is not a single commentator in the media or politician in either party willing to address the fact that as despicable and violent the Nazi were/are, there is not a single one of their crimes that wasn't committed on a equal or greater scale by Communists both before and since the second world war. As reprehensible as the Nazis are they are at least honest in their hatreds while the Communists are simply more deceitful in their phony virtues and meaningless altruism.

    1. Yes such inconvenient facts for them.

    2. JWMJR,

      yes. Marxists do anything for power. We've seen ethnic cleansing under Marxists (Pol Pot), opposing elites liquidated (Poland), minorities and majorities opposed (Russia), nationalism used (Ireland), religion used (Russia). NK claims its leader to be a god.

      If you give someone ultimate power, whether he call himself fascist or communist or some new label: He can do anything. Since man is fallen, it's very dangerous to give someone absolute power.

      Currently in the AltRight and other hard right groups it's popular to say those who note the similarities are "cucks". It has nothing to do with cucking.

      Marxists are just more dishonest, as you say. You're completely correct. We associate fascists as those built for war, who fight to defend the West. But if you give someone power, he can do anything.

      And often war isn't the best means to saving the West. Hitler didn't save Germany when he invaded Poland. The US didn't help Americans when it attacked Libya. So, war is certainly not always the best path.

    3. I mean that post as anti-power-concentration.

      "Fascist" tends to refer to a variety of people. Fascists, including the Nazis, often arose as against Communists. So, that's why I said they're portrayed as "defending the West". Even defenders of British imperialism were labeled "fascist" (like AK Chesterton).

      But I think often war/other extremes are not the solution. The "ends justifies the means" is not best. So, I meant that as condemning fascism when I wrote that part. I guess I didn't need to comment on fascism too, but to me it seems very similar to Marxism. They just want power.