Tuesday, September 12, 2017

94.9% of The Association of Mature American Citizens Believe The Media Wish Trump To Fail


 Respondents also agreed that congressional Republicans want Trump to fail.

Senior citizens make up the the largest voting block in America. For that reason, the liberal media isn’t going to be happy that many older Americans see their coverage for the biased nonsense that it is.

The Association of Mature American Citizens, an alternative to AARP boasting 1.3 million members, held a poll among 65,000 senior citizen voters. The survey asked members 10 questions and found wide support among respondents for President Trump and his policies. The survey also found that most aren’t buying the media’s narrative regarding the Trump Administration, which has been overwhelmingly negative thus far.

In response to the first question on Trump’s job performance, nearly six in ten seniors approve of the president’s actions so far. That’s far above the reported average in the media of 35-40 percent.

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