Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SCV members are asked not to attend rally in Richmond this weekend

Via Billy


A reminder from the Commander and all S.C.V leadership that WE ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THIS IN ANY WAY.  OUR MEMBERS ARE NOT TO ATTEND. We had an event that was set the same day that was CANCELLED  a while back. At the direction of the Division command I have been in contact with this group ,New CSA 2 out of Tennessee( that before now no one here has ever heard of) and can tell you that even after hearing all of the information that any demonstration has the potential for being another Charlottesville and in any case will damage our efforts to save our monuments.

They state that the demonstration with them openly armed and carrying the battle flag will go on. Their is no telling the damage they will do to our efforts , but they do not care because they will go back to Tennessee. My opinion from information I have uncovered about these people that run this organization is that they just want notoriety and the publicity.

If you were going or know anyone that is,  please advise them of this information immediately


  1. Well, without question, the SCV can
    say farewell to the equestrian statue of
    General Lee.

    1. It's owned by the state so the legislature would have to change the law.

    2. As if the Rule of Constitutional Law
      has protected other Confederate memorials
      and statutes thus far.
      What law was changed or authorized
      which allowed tarps to be placed over the statues of Lee and Jackson in Charlottesville?

    3. The SCV sued on the trap issue, but I ddn't hear anymore about it.

    4. And what law protects against
      this, along with ensuring that
      those responsible (if apprehended)
      face the rule of law, as a consequence
      of their crime.


  2. You have heard of the "SCV2" out of Tennessee. You just know them by their real name. The Southern Poverty Law Center.

    1. Wouldn't doubt it. Do you have more info?

    2. Thanks and here's another source. https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2017/09/racist-anthem-spray-painted-on-106-year.html