Saturday, September 23, 2017

Take Em Down NOLA Wants to Increase taxes on white-owned businesses and eliminate homestead exemptions for white-owned property

Via Bill


Anarchists and racists are nested in New Orleans. Two posters and an email produced from a records request to Mitch Landrieu show the extreme attitudes of the allies of Mitch – and in particular, the Take Em Down NOLA gang – in destroying New Orleans history.

The first flyer is for “Sites of Resistance” and features pictures from the integration era in New Orleans, but it also shows a sign supporting the removal of the Andrew Jackson monument in Jackson Square.  These “Sites of Resistance” appear to go on from September through April at the Small Center which is part of Tulane University’s School of Architecture. Also depicted is a sign calling for the boycott of shopping on Canal Street.  It’s scary that any department or facility of Tulane would support a group or movement like this.

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  1. I would welcome any such effort by black run cities to discriminate on taxation issues. It would ensure that it would go to the SCOTUS and likely end all discrimination including affirmative action. indyjonesouthere