Friday, October 13, 2017

NY Times Op-Ed: ‘It’s time to talk about taking away guns’

It’s time to talk about confiscation, at least according to Andrew Rosenthal of the NY Times.

In an op-ed Wednesday, Rosenthal wrote, “It’s time to talk about taking away guns — not everyone’s guns and not all of them, but a whole lot. I know I am inviting enormous vitriol with that sentence, but it has to be said.”

I appreciate Rosenthal’s honesty on the matter.  I really do. Because too often gun control advocates stop short of telling us how they really feel about confiscation. Why do they stop short?  Two reasons.

First, it’s a political nonstarter. Were the government to actively start going door to door to seize weapons from the American people we’d have a civil war on our hands.  No one wants a civil war, especially the side with no guns.

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  1. The left says it would be impossible to deport 15 million illegal aliens but then they say it is perfectly plausible to seize 400 million privately owned firearms from over 100 million law abiding citizens. Yeah right.

    1. Excellent point and par for the course with commies.

  2. Um, when the uS forced its occupation on Japan after WWII,
    the first thing they did was go home to home taking all the
    guns. Yep, the scum will do it here in a minute as we, the
    patriotic Americans, are now the enemy.

    1. we, the patriotic Americans, are now the enemy.


  3. Russia too: When organized jewry launched their war against the Russian people in the so-called “Russian Revolution” of October 1917, one of the things they did was to confiscate guns from the people, in order to disarm them in preparation for what some call the greatest slaughter in all history. H.R. 3999 gun legislation just out. They are taking baby
    steps, for now.