Monday, November 6, 2017

Air Force Failed to Submit Texas Shooter's Criminal History

Via John

The Air Force failed to report the accused Texas church shooter's domestic violence conviction to the FBI as required by Pentagon rules, officials said Monday.

The lapse prompted the Pentagon to announce a review of whether the problem has gone undetected in other cases across the military.

Devin Patrick Kelley was convicted of assault against his wife and stepson in an Air Force court-martial in New Mexico in 2012 and served 12 months in confinement before being given a bad-conduct discharge in 2014.

He is the suspected gunman in the attack Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in which 26 people were killed.

An Air Force record of the Kelley court-martial says he pleaded guilty to multiple specifications of assault, including striking his wife, choking her with his hands and kicking her. He also was convicted of striking his stepson on the head and body "with a force likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm."

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  1. What needs to be done now is find out who the person(s) was that failed to do their job. A letter of reprimand should be placed in their permanent military record (at the very minimum). And, they need to be reminded daily that the blood of innocent people is on their hands solely because he/she/it FAILED to do their job. I'm going to raise a beer in celebration that POS is no longer stealing other peoples oxygen. Any POS that would beat his wife or his children deserves to be curb stomped by a pissed off biker gang. But I do pray that this will serve as a warning to others: Failure to do your job, just might get other people murdered.

  2. Hi, Brock. In the attached article, look at the killer's
    vehicle. Pics can be enlarged at link. Note the vehicle
    sitting in two photos with windshield intact. Then note
    the vehicle being towed-the windshield and other areas of
    the vehicle with notable damage.
    Pretty impressive wouldn't you say. ( sarc )
    Totally different reporting from the UK on this also, like,
    the killer had a hostage.
    Facts are facts and these facts aren't very factual.

  3. Did I forget the website? Probably.