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"Dad, I would do the same."

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A part in the definition of super hero is a person who is ready to sacrifice his or her life to save human's life. Reading the following story, we should be proud of the anonymous heroes who consistently and bravely fought the enemies until last minutes of theVN war. They not only saved their people's lives, but also contributed such golden pages to the VN history.

The following historical written memoirs are based on the report of Captain Tran Phuc, a very courageous fighter pilot of the Dragon 518th Squadron, one of the tactical fighter Squadrons of the South VN, and also the leader of the Dragon 51 flight.

In the last days of the VN war, he fought bravely and persistently against the enemy's firepower, regardless of the enemy's hailstorm of bullets and 122mm rockets that are extremely dangerous to both aircrafts and considered life threatening to pilots. The bombs he dropped destroying more than a hundred artilleries of 122 mm rockets set around the perimeter of TSN Air Base and the Saigon surburbs by the North Communists Army. His last flights saved up to thousand of South Vietnamese civilians.

His story will bring us back to the horrible scenes of Saigon and TSN Air Base under cruel attacks of the North Vietnamese Army's firepower in the last days before falling.



  1. I just at the end of the book: "Ride the Thunder" and I'm in the process of seeing a couple of things I hadn't given much thought to.

    1: There were many courageous "kick-ass" South Vietnamese military people who with a little more aid from the Americans would have defeated the NVA. Those people were abandoned by American politicians to a horribly ruthless enemy.

    2: The American politicians on Nixon's watch (Kissinger and gang) threw the South Vietnamese government and it's people to the wolves, by seriously cutting financial aid after 1973 while the Russians doubled theirs to the North.

    1. A graet book.

      I was the DAO's (Embassy) Funds manager for the South Vietnamese Air Force. Below is what we had to work with.

      Congress places a $1 billion ceiling on military aid to South Vietnam for fiscal year 1974. This figure was trimmed further to $700 million by August 11. Military aid to South Vietnam in fiscal year 1973 was $2.8 billion; in 1975 it would be cut to $300 million. Once aid was cut, it took the North Vietnamese only 55 days to defeat ...



    2. Brock,

      I guess this is why I've come to the point at 75 of distrusting and virtually loathing ALL politicians.