Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dec. 28, 1969 Que Son Mountains, Vietnam

Via Quan Nguyen Thanh

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On Dec. 28, 1969 Capt. Roger Henry and Lt. Dave Cummings (Marine Cobra pilots with HML-367 at Marble Mt.) were flying cover for a CH-46 that could not pick up a wounded Marine because of bad weather and low cloud cover in the Que Son Mts. After an hour of trying to find the zone and position their Cobra gunship for the pickup they set down and Lt. Cummings leapt out of the Cobra and put the wounded man in his seat. The picture shows how Lt. Cummings rode back to the Navy hospital in DaNang. A week later Capt. Henry and Lt. Toby Gritz repeated an identical type of rescue during another medivac.


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