Saturday, November 4, 2017

You`re A Hater: Tucker Takes On Supporter Of Violent Truck Ad

Via Billy


  1. I hate to say this, but people like Carlson STILL don't get it yet. He can accuse the supporter of that ad of being a hater all he wants, because in their world, it's perfectly acceptable to hate those who differ from their progressive dogma. In fact, if you DON"T hate those who occupy the category of "deplorable", you yourself are suspect of failing to uphold the only acceptable orthodoxy.
    Again, people like me are sick and effing tired of people like Carlson who still want to play the "You guys are the real haters/racists" game with these people. That's why the AltRight is not only on the ascendancy, but is in the process of remaking the right as we speak. They understand that those who support this kind of ad - as well as those who put it together - will never EVER be interested in finding "common ground". The AltRight understands that the Prog/Marxists are a serious problem that will have to be dealt with in a serious manner.
    My next door neighbor is in his early 90's and has very vivid memories of having to flee Austria in the 30's. He told me a few weeks ago, "This is exactly how it started in my home country. When the academics, the press, the entertainers all say that it's not only acceptable to hate this group of people, but required and the government by it's silence on the subject condones it ad make no mistake my friend, their silence speaks volumes about what they'd like to see happen, well, I know what comes next and you should too. Plan accordingly."

    1. Thanks.