Friday, December 1, 2017

Open Letter: Green Berets Go Soft, Lower Standards to Be More Inclusive

 Clay Martin is a former Green Beret and Marine Scout Sniper.


Clay’s take: We better find the guy that wrote this letter (see below) quick, so we can give him a medal! It is a sad state of affairs when things get so fucked up we have to air the Regiments dirty laundry in public, but sometimes you have no other choice. 

I commend this man and his clearly huge set of clanging brass balls. And I hope he spent enough time as a spook to get away with this. If they find him, rest assured the command structure of the Special Warfare Center will crush him. Good luck brother. I hope you survive to fight another day. You have done a great service to the Regiment, and this retired 3rd Group 18F applauds your actions.


  1. New PC name: Light Green Berets

    1. :) During Vietnam the school was 24 months which has already been reduced and who knows what else will transpire.