Saturday, December 30, 2017

Victims of the red revolution: The haunting faces of prisoners worked to death in Stalin's slave camps emerge as 100th anniversary of 1917 Bolshevik takeover approaches

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The bodies of hundreds of Polish people lie dead in a mass grave in Katyn, Poland. By the time the last Soviet gulag closed its gates, millions had died. Some worked themselves to death, some had starved, and others were simply dragged out into the woods and shot

Trudging through mud in sub-zero temperatures, digging the earth with their bare hands and heaving huge rocks with the most primitive of tools, these horrifying photos have revealed life inside Joseph Stalin's gulag prisons, where people were worked to death in Soviet labour camps through the mid-1900s. 

This year marks 100 years since the 1917 Russian Revolution, which led to Vladimir Lenin taking control of the Soviet Union. When Lenin died in 1924, Stalin rose to power and became the state's authoritarian leader.

Between 1929 and the year of Stalin's death in 1953, 18million men and women were transported to Soviet slave labour camps in Siberia and other outposts of the Red empire - many of them never to return.

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  1. Now, these poor people were REAL slaves. Ungodly hardships.

    1. Horrors and I assume the pictures were taken when some first got there as they seem to be in better shape than I expected.

  2. That Colonel Garanin's eyes look deranged. No wonder he like
    to torture. Unbelievable working conditions. Men back there
    then were hardier, I guess.

    1. & they are trying to overthrow our government for Communism. Just amazing.