Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Tremendous Performance By President Trump

Via John

Tonight’s State of the Union speech was a triumph for President Trump. The speech was excellent, and Trump knew it cold and delivered it effectively.

The president began with a recitation of his administration’s achievements that was truly impressive.

Trump emphasized, appropriately, the remarkable gains our economy has made in just one year.

The president’s reception by most in the House chamber was rapturous, which must have been an eye-opener for some who watched. For the Democrats, the optics were very bad. They ostentatiously refused to stand or even applaud, even in response to the least controversial passages in Trump’s speech. One of the most striking visuals was of the Democrats’ Black Caucus refusing to stand for, or even applaud, the lowest African-American unemployment rate in history.

The Democrat's  Black Pouting Caucus

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  1. Nancy was visibly choking on her own bile.

    1. Thanks.

  2. If you go back and watch the video of that portion of the speech the gentleman in the very center, the only one smiling in the midst of all those dower faces, he'd did clap at the mention of the low black unemployment number and then stopped as he realized he was alone in his civil behiviour and had set himself up for a severe chewing out. I bet it got even worse once they realized it was center of focus during the broadcast.You just can't make this shit up.