Friday, February 2, 2018

It's first and goal for a just federal judiciary

Via Billy

What if the Super Bowl were officiated by liberal judges?

Imagine your football team is about to win the Super Bowl by four points. As the clock ticks down the game’s final seconds, your quarterback takes the snap, his knee hits the ground, and the crowd storms the field in celebration.

Just then, though, the referee — let’s say he’s also a judge on the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — waves his arms and blows his whistle. He has never liked the fact that the National Football League sets a 60-minute time limit for its games. After consulting with the umpire, the down judge, the field judge, the line judge, the side judge, and the back judge, he declares that even though time has expired, the game is not over.

The crowd at the year’s biggest game goes wild with half-booing, half-cheering, and everyone bewildered.

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