Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Majority of Americans Now Support Trump Tax Cuts & Republicans lead Democrats in the generic race.

Via Billy

In December after weeks of negative press by the far left mainstream media the polling for Republicans looked bleak.
Only 33% of Americans supported the Trump tax cut.

52% disapproved of the tax cut.

In December Democrats led Republicans by 18 points in CNN’s generic party polling.

One month later Republicans are down only 5 points after passing the Trump tax cuts.

And two months later Republicans lead Democrats in the generic race.

 A new poll from the far left New York Times has a majority of Americans now approve of the Trump tax cuts.


  1. I will be truthful, I did not expect the republican tax bill to be as good as it was. I expected too much fiddling to benefit big donors. I also knew once I saw the bullet points, WOW, this is fantastic.

    Anyone with a brain, and apparently that excludes democrats, knew this was would help a lot of struggling families. Democrats and their Fake News sycophant media lied 24/7 for weeks. And then the bill began to take effect.

    Now an elitist “One Percenter,” like Nancy Pelosi would not bend-over to pick up a crumb like a $50 bill. But to working Americans, that “Crumb” of Pelosi’s is like a God Send. Suddenly hard-working Americans were seeing an extra $5, $10, $50, or more in their paychecks. Unlike the “One Percenter” Nancy, they know how much difference an extra $20 a week can make.

    And yet the democrats, Nancy, and their Fake News media still complain. They are all clueless just how out of touch they are and how ignorant they sound.

    Unless republicans screw it up, and they are good at doing that. The “Big Blue Wave” democrats saw in November, won’t even be a ripple. To speak quite bluntly, republicans need to grow some balls and quit being a bunch of metrosexual pussies. When the media lies and calls you a racist. STOP crying and apologizing for something you are not. Put your big-boy-pants on and attack right back. Take to Twitter, Facebook, and any other outlet and brand them for the liars they are. November is yours to lose, you have already won.


    1. November is yours to lose, you have already won.

      Well said and I pray this carries out.