Friday, March 30, 2018

A swamp creature speaks out

Via David

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This is both a plea and a warning to angry reform-minded voters from someone working in Washington, D.C.  Many of you are frustrated and angered at President Trump and the omnibus bill, believing that momentum for improving the system has stalled, and some have declared they will vote for the Democratic Party as a punishment against Trump.  That is your choice, but I ask you to consider some observations from someone who is, however lowly, part of the current federal system.  If you "punish" Trump in the midterms by voting for the very party that wrote the omnibus bill, you will accomplish nothing.

Although disappointed,  I am not completely shocked about Trump and the omnibus bill.  The problem is that the legislative process is designed from the outset to be slow, compromising, and inflexible, with the intent of preventing corruption and abuse of power from gaining a  foothold in the government.  Unfortunately, once that corruption takes hold, the very process designed to impede such corruption will now protect it due to its lumbering statutory procedures.

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