Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fresno State prof blasts farmers as 'stupid' Trump supporters in video rife with F-bombs

Via Billy


A video posted online this week includes profanity-laced clips from past interviews and speeches by embattled, Bush-bashing Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar, in which she says farmers who support President Donald Trump are "just f---ing stupid."

The nearly 4-minute YouTube video, published Wednesday under the username Vigilante Goose, was emailed Friday to university officials -- including university President Joseph Castro, the Fresno Bee reported.

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  2. You would think that this fat pig, who has clearly never passed up a bucket of fried chicken followed by a quart of of double mocha fudge ice cream would have a bit more respect for farmers. But then common sense had never been an attribute of any leftist.

  3. For thinking farmers are so stupid, xe sure doesn't seem to have any kind of problem eating what they produce. It's amazing xer piehole took enough of a break from chewing to spout all those insults.

  4. She is teaching your children and you're paying for the privilege.

  5. While she is more offensive, this is what children in college is being taught. BY EVERY PROFESSOR IN EVERY CLASS. If you send kids to college today, you are destroying them. And you should be arrested for child abuse. Listen to the rants, and your children hear the same thoughts and ideas in every class. Never mind saddling those children with lifelong crushing debt. All for in most cases a worthless degree.