Sunday, April 15, 2018

Syria, chemicals weapons and missile strikes

Image: Syria, chemicals weapons and missile strikes: FAKE NEWS theater at its finest… you are being subjected to an elaborate psyop
The criminally insane governments of the US, UK, and France are sending a flotilla of missile ships, submarines, and an aircraft carrier to attack Syria in the face of Russian warnings. What is the likely outcome of this outrageous act of aggression based entirely on an orchestrated and transparent lie, an act of reckless aggression that is more irresponsible and more dangerous than anything done by the demonized Nazi regime in Germany? 
--Paul Craig Roberts

By now, you are aware that President Trump ordered a “precision strike” against Syria’s so-called “chemical weapon sites” run by Assad. The strike was deployed in response to an utterly false, absurd narrative that claims Assad gassed children with chemical weapons.

Beware of any news about an event that reportedly involves the deaths of children. In nearly every major false flag event — from the USA to the Middle East — children are used as props to generate “emotional terrorism” outrage as a form of social manipulation in order to achieve a political purpose. This doesn’t mean real children didn’t die, by the way. As I’ve explained numerous times, a “false flag” event involves real deaths wrapped around a fake narrative. Real children died in Syria, just as they did in the Oklahoma City bombing. But the official stories we’re told about why those children died are complete hogwash.

Remember when we were told that David Koresh burned his entire family alive?

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  1. Where is the truth? Is it even possible to uncover facts with the yards and fathoms of misdirection?
    "They" want us to give up and be led.

    1. Is it even possible to uncover facts with the yards and fathoms of misdirection?

      Misdirection, they've got down pat.

  2. SBSDD. The Trump Chumps are still going KILL KILL KILL. Or trying to flame anyone that dares criticize BushIII- Er -Trump. But it is becoming increasingly clear that this was a "wag the dog" fraud to gin up yet another Neo-Con "war in perpetuity" But you will have the Trump Chump's still chanting "3D Chess" right up until Russia gets tired of the BS and launches on warning. Y'all know what this is REALLY about? China and Russia have gone off the US Petro-Dollar and back on the gold standard. WHEN the rest of the world starts going "NO USD to pay. You pay in gold". The USA is boned. The gold reserve is GONE. Sold off by every president since Nixon. It is gone to the point that in order to raise the 4 Billion dollars Hillary needed to run for POTUS she sold the Uranium stockpile. She did so because it was the only thing left to loot. The rest of the " metal reserve" is GONE. THATS what your government fears. Why they are "down sizing", and why they are so desperate to end your freedoms NOW. They live in terror of what happens WHEN they get caught. Everything they do is fraud. Everything they say is a lie. --Ray

    1. Everything they do is fraud. Everything they say is a lie.

      The die is cast. I don't think this can go on much longer.

    2. Ray,
      I mean this in all kindness. Back away from the Nyquil, buddy. Nothing is as bad as you paint it. The world isn't at war. The dog did not get wagged. The USA is still planning total withdrawal from Syria. SOON. REALLY SOON. Further, iraq is having their elections next month. Odds are good the USA will be asked to leave there within 60 days. And we we'll do it. The gold standard is meaningless because no one uses it. The petro-dollar is archaic and oil producing nations already trade in multiple currencies with no harm done. Paper currency is just one more commodity to be traded, just like gold. There is no doubt that many of out politicians are corrupt, but that isn't the end of the world. We dodged that corruption bullet in the last election. Things are getting better, not worse. Good luck to you.


    3. Ether you live in a fantasy world or, you would like us too. Here's some clue. There is only one political party in America. We the people are not invited. Everyone who has a job in Government is pre-selected to hold office. "Voting" is meaningless. Anyone who isn't part of the "club" isn't allowed to hold office. Trump is every bit the gun-grabber and corrupt scumbag the Bush, Clinton, Bush II and Obama were. He was preselected to be POTUS by the Neo-Con's because he will play ball, and advance the plan. Every election since 1865 has been rigged. Everything in your comment above is globalist disinformation and federalist propaganda, and dead wrong. It defies both observable information and history. Keep your "reasonable" wishes to yourself. You are an enemy agent or stupid.--Ray

  3. Replies
    1. From my readings I believe the first day was valid but not the second.

  4. One can not trust any side...we are left to trust our intuition. The deep state destroyed the ability to trust our own. But I currently trust Trump more than the rest...but what is reality?