Monday, May 21, 2018

Goodies From Ol' Remus

Karl Denninger has a few words about the Texas school shooting, at Market-Ticker:
If you have children then you have voluntarily taken upon yourself the responsibility for the safety of others, specifically, those children. You choose where they go and who they go with. You choose the school. You choose the Principal, the teachers, the staff members and whatever security measures are there.
If you are sending your children to an unsafe place without the presence of armed resistance, whether that constitutes you personally or someone else in your stead you are an unfit parent as you are intentionally and knowingly putting those who you willfully accepted responsibility for in danger.
If your school is full of part-time felons, including bullies who think assault and worse is part and parcel of "going to school" that is in fact worse than a prison yard in that at least in the prison yard the other crooks need to make their shivs out of stolen plastic cutlery.
  Vintage News - In 1940 two twin-engine airplanes collided mid-air–interlocked, they flew for five miles and landed safely ... "she was pretty heavy on the controls"

  Rock fight, Z Man - Trump is not of the Old Right or New Right, and neither are his supporters. He's not a guy committed to winning them over with theory or looking for a way to join the club. Trump is looking to bust up the club and make his own. There’s a lesson here. A culture war is a zero sum game. The ground you gain can only come at the expense of the people in charge and there can never be peace. Complex political theories and carefully elucidated principles have no place in a culture war, or even a political war. It’s a rock fight and that means you have to use whatever is handy to take out the other guy. After you win and secure his turf, then you take a break and maybe use the off-time to think about theory. Principles are for the victory party.

  Confiscation, Survival Blog - The current mass media-driven “debate” on firearms (actually more like paternalistic lecturing or chiding) seems to be leading toward greater restrictions by Congress. The collectivist gun grabbers have the dream of ignoring the Second Amendment and somehow magically removing all detachable magazine semi-auto rifles from civilian hands. But it is just that: a dream. If they think that they can disarm us, then they are thoroughly deluded. I’ll explain why, with some simple mathematics. I believe that once it was started, the whole affray would be settled within just a few weeks or months. American gun owners clearly have the numbers on their side.


  1. On confiscation:

    Leftists really do believe they'll pass a law and guns will be turned in en masse. They also believe that every cop and soldier will just salute and go do it.

    For myself, whenever I hear a Leftist talking gun control, I go buy more ammo. And if they get serious and win the House (even with the WH in the "R" column) a lot of mine are going to vanish. I know a lot of good hiding places, not on my property, where NOBODY is going to look.

    1. I have a friend who buried 50K as well as much other when Clinton was elected.