Monday, May 21, 2018

Leftist Privilege: Poisoned in Iceland A Year Ago, No One Arrested

Via David

Just over a year ago, a young Icelandic Leftist poisoned me in Reykjavik after I gave a lecture on the jihad threat. In the hospital thereafter, a Leftist doctor neglected to perform basic tests on me, such that I could have easily died from the poisoning. A year later, no one has been arrested, and Iceland’s medical ethics board has declined to discipline the doctor. The whole episode illustrates what those who are known to dissent from the Leftist agenda can expect from Leftist authorities: institutionalized indifference and injustice.

The poisoning took place at a crowded Reykjavik establishment. A young Icelander called me by name, leaned over our table, shook my hand, and said he was a big fan.

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