Wednesday, May 9, 2018

NC: "All politicians have their price."


We had out election yesterday here and there were only 2 candidates, both republicans, for the county sheriff. The incumbent Charles MacDonald and a guy named Lowell Griffin who was fired after 20+ years in the Henderson county sheriffs department back in 2014 by MacDonald after he was elected.

I went on the opinion of several locals that MacDonald was an ineffective sheriff and just a publicity hound and voted for their choice Griffin who I didn't know from Adam, but he seemed like a 'good ole boy". Griffin proceeded to win by 2,000+ votes.

Today he appeared on the 5 PM local ABC affiliate news and was interviewed about several things.

When the ABC affiliate interviewer (a Liberal, of course) asked him what he had planned for illegal aliens he came right out and said: Our county depends heavily on farm labor so he'll basically ignore their "status" as illegals and ignore them. Looks like the agricultural cartel met his "price" alright.

Of course the ABC website has a post on him but fails to mention his "illegal alien" comments.

I should have learned my lesson back in the day when I voted for the loser Barry Goldwater. All politicians have their price.

Eddie R


  1. My guess is that the wisdom of the DHS secretary repremanding Washington state Senator Patty Murry on immigration enforcement that "It's not a philosophy, it's the law passed by Congress," would be lost on this this swamp rat.

    Firstly I would check to see if your county has any so-called sanctuary laws or regulations that would allow him to ignore violations of federal law. If not, my tactic would be to report every criminal illegal (a redundency I know) encountered to both his office and ICE. If he continuity ignores the reports or refuses to cooperate with ICE then institute impeachment proceedings or at the very least thourghly document the reports to give to who ever runs against him in the next election.

    1. "It's not a philosophy, it's the law passed by Congress,"

      I saw that and what a retort.:)