Wednesday, May 16, 2018

North Carolina Teachers to Ditch Students and Protest for Pay Raise — 6.2% Pay Increase Is Just Not Enough

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Hundreds of North Carolina public school teachers are going to skip work tomorrow to go protest at the state capital in Raleigh.
The teachers are calling their event The March for Students and Rally for Respect event. 

Teachers in North Carolina want a big raise. 

They believe a a 6.2% pay raise next year is not enough.  And a 19% pay raise in five years is unsatisfactory.

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  1. johnny can't read, sally can't write, and billy can't do arithmetic, and you what a pay raise??
    for what?? you have failed to do your job, educate children.

    and don't try to cop out blaming "the system". your teachers union IS the system.
    the common core curriculum?? it was your teachers union which endorsed and promoted it.
    the federal government ant the national department of education?? it us your teachers union that keeps donating to the democrats that hire their cronies to the department and pass the laws that are dumbing down our kids.
    so how is it that the teachers that are directly and indirectly responsible for the mess our education system is in deserve a raise??
    try electing different union officials, ones that will put the children before their cushy jobs, support politicians who do more than pay lip service to education while kow-towing to the union money, refuse to take part in dumming down our kids....then maybe we can talk more money.

  2. The day Ronnie Reagan busted the union !