Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sweden in Free Fall

  •  If it is considered 'objectionable' in the West to talk about the factual consequences of migration, in Sweden it is now viewed as a crime.
  • The kind of 'integration' that the mosque in Växjö is reportedly spreading to the local Muslim inhabitants is that Muslims are urged not to participate in the Christmas celebration of "kuffars" [a derogatory term for 'disbelievers'], and Jews are, of course, mentioned as the enemies of Allah. The mosque's school uses Saudi Arabian school curricula, and encourages women not to dress in 'Western clothes'.
  • "Silence has become an established norm in certain groups of inhabitants" in these areas.... there is pressure from relatives and religious communities, not to contact authorities, but to use the local alternative systems, such as the mosque, instead. Sometimes, the local criminal gangs even tell the residents to call them, instead of the police, to minimize the presence of police in the area. — BRÅ, the Swedish Crime Prevention Council
  • It increasingly appears that it will be Sweden that integrates into Islamic culture.


  1. Liberal-Socialist drones doing what they do best: Destroying their own homes to defend a "feel-good" unattainable ideology. National martyrdom is the equivalent of individual suicide.

    1. National martyrdom is the equivalent of individual suicide.

      It would be less painful for them to just put guns in their mouths.