Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anthony Bourdain: Did Global Cultural Icon Kill Himself or Was He “Suicided”?


The case was closed on the cause of his death before any autopsy or investigation  


Did celebrity travel writer, publisher and CNN “Parts Unknown” TV host Anthony Bourdain, possibly the most influential cultural icon in the world – one who spoke truth to power – kill himself or was he murdered?

The sudden, unexpected death of Bourdain, 61, a beloved, effective international diplomat on behalf of humanity, certainly merits investigating.

Some oddities of this case: The only proof he killed himself is one official announcing he had committed suicide; his body was cremated before his family got to see the body and without the conducting of an autopsy; he was the latest in a growing list of celebrities reportedly killing themselves using the bizarre method of hanging from a doorknob; his girlfriend was a self-professed witch; he had been targeted by Hillary Clinton’s operatives; and he had taken on the Mossad. With all of that, isn’t it just common sense to ask a few if not a lot of questions?


  1. I think that it's funny, interestingly, that no; not 1, celebrity chef or anyone in his "industry" has cone out & publicly mourned him. So this helps me decide that he was murdered.