Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ron Paul on border invasion: "That is well organized, and it is well organized by - I believe - the cultural Marxists."

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Former congressman Ron Paul questions the sincerity of liberals raging over family separation at the border by describing it as "good politics."

During his Liberty Report broadcast on Wednesday, Paul described the situation at the border as the perfect political issue for liberals to place the blame on President Trump.

 "Our borders are a mess as if that is not something new," the former congressman spoke while mentioning that the children are adding a new twist to the conflict. "It has really lead to a lot of confusion."

"Except for the liberals. The liberals are using this for the hill and it's the perfect political issue for the liberals and of course, it's easy to blame Trump."

Ron Paul explained that these types of conditions for how people are treated at the border have existed for quite some time and it's hard to believe that the emotionally driven pushback against Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration enforcement is anything but "good politics."

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