Thursday, June 21, 2018

Poll: 3:1 Public Support for Trump’s Push to End Catch-and-Release

 Looks like it's backfiring.

Democrats are converting their emotional protests against “family separation” into unpopular calls  for the catch-and-release of many Central American migrants into ordinary Americans’ jobsites and schools.

The pre-election, pro-migration push is a huge risk, according to a poll by The Economist and YouGov which shows 3:1 public opposition to the Democrats’s catch-and-release policy. That opposition to catch-and-release was reinforced by President Donald Trump’s June 20 Executive Order to keep families together in detention until their appeal is decided by a judge.

The Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 adults was taken in mid-June. It shows that only 19 percent of Americans prefer the Democrats’s call to “release the [migrant] families and have them report back for an immigration hearing at a later date.”

The low score included only 17 percent of swing-voters and 7 percent of Republicans, 16 percent of blacks and 20 percent of Hispanics.

In contrast, 39 percent of swing-voters preferred the option of “Hold families together in family detention centers until an immigration hearing at a later date.” Another 18 percent favored separating the families and placing the children in shelters run by a government agency or in “juvenile detention centers.”
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  1. My view: Arrest the family, carry them to a processing center where they are charged with illegally entering the USA. After they are charged they are escorted into court room where they are tried. If they have entered the country illegally then they are given a suspended sentence and are on a transport back to their native country within 12 hours of being picked up.

    Second offense is a capitol crime. If they want in it needs to be done legally.

    1. Good points but I imagine that to accomplish that, they would have to hire a huge amount of judges or have them tried by county clerks or whoever,

    2. No we don't need a "capital crime" of sneaking across the border. If we had a sane society without all the communist judges and seditious media subverting the rational act of just putting them on the first plane back we wouldn't have such a big problem in the first place. What is shocking is how the media has made clear they won't even let you deport illegal aliens caught sneaking across the border, they want to turn ALL these bums loose to steal your job and put their wife and kids on welfare on your expense. What rats.

    3. they want to turn ALL these bums loose to steal your job and put their wife and kids on welfare on your expense. What rats.

      Just amazing.