Friday, June 1, 2018

The Stinger: A Retractable Bayonet for AR-15


  1. It's too bloody short to be of any use baring a lucky strike at a critical point. If you are going to use a bayonet then you had better use one that will do a proper job wherever you hit because you don't have time to be selective – the shock effect of a real bayonet plus rapid blood loss are effective just about anywhere you hit. Military bayonets are designed with this in mind after centuries of experience and development. This is just a $200 toy.

  2. One wonders why a bayonet is needed for an AR-15. What's next, a grenade launcher?

  3. I have an OKC-3S bayonet for my Colt M-4 Carbine. When fitted its blade only extends about 1/2 way past the muzzle break. That about what this device does. $200 for an instant deplorable bayonet? Nah, I'll stick (pun) with the old tried and true model.

    1. only extends about 1/2 way past the muzzle break.