Friday, June 1, 2018

Trey Gowdy Blocked Investigation Into The FBI

Via Billy
We leaked solid Intel to Trey Gowdy about FBI crimes months ago to provide to the IG & investigate. He never lifted a finger. Sat on it. How do we know? His colleagues told us after They investigated. Lot of things we do behind the scenes, folks. Have to put it in upcoming BOOK.
Top-level people in the world of intelligence and independent journalism report that House Oversight chairman Trey Gowdy effectively blocked investigations into the FBI spying on the President Donald Trump campaign.

This is not the first time Gowdy, who endorsed Marco Rubio in the presidential primaries, has shut down an investigation on behalf of the establishment. But the fact that many traditional conservative outlets carry water and run interference for Gowdy, painting him as a hero, makes it harder to call Gowdy out.

Thomas Paine, who represents the team of connected pro-America journalists and operatives at True Pundit, revealed Gowdy’s nefariousness.


  1. Here is a thought I’ve had rolling around in my head. We know the FBI and other agencies began investigating President Trump before he was the Republican Candidate. But what about the other Republican Candidates? Has anyone even thought to look and see if there was any “opposition research” being done on them. This was clearly “dirty tricks” research against the Republicans. I find it hard to think they were not doing exactly the same thing to every other viable candidate. While I have no proof. I am willing to bet somewhere in the FBI or other agencies there is research that was done. Then hidden when they were not the candidate. Someone needs to look! Perhaps, this is why every investigation is blocked and stonewalled. There is a scandal much, much bigger hiding under the surface. A scandal that will shake America to its foundations.


  2. Another swamp denizen sheds his camouflage. I gotta admit he had me fooled for quite some time.

  3. Gowdy - former prosecutor equals current Punk -- snuff that mother f***** and his family