Thursday, July 5, 2018

Leftist Crazies Don’t Want You to Exist


I try to collect all the business that I must do in Raleigh into one day. One trip a week into North Carolina’s increasingly cosmopolitanized and rapidly de-Southernized capital city is about all I can take these days: it’s become too much like just about any other homogenized, faceless metropolis in any other part of the country. Most of Raleigh’s historic and traditional Southern charm and character have been erased and overawed by transplants and interlopers from “up North” and elsewhere who feel that their mission in life is to remake the Tar Heel State’s capital into a copy of the decaying cities they left behind! Unlike Columbia, South Carolina, Raleigh wasn’t burned by Sherman back in 1865, but the city fathers back then, I’m certain, would be appalled at what has happened since then to a once gracious Southern city. As the late superb Southern writer Tom Landess once said about modern-day Atlanta: “Where is Sherman when we really need him?”


  1. So true. I left Chapel Hill about 18 years ago because I was fed up with the liberal take over there. Now I'm living a scant 22 miles from Western North Carolina's liberal hornet's nest: Asheville. Most are Yankee Liberals from NJ, NY, Conn etc. who have come to live their lives in the green lovely mountains. Unfortunately, they've brought their Liberal perversions with them and on top of that demand we "conservatives" banish our "antiquated patriotic, religious and family culture" and accept their sick lifestyle.

    1. Logic doesn't exist in the mind of a Collectivist.

  2. "Where is Sherman when we really need him?"
    Truer words were never spoken. Time and place for everything,
    now is the time for another reconstruction.