Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Vietnam before '75 & more

1969 Saigon.

Relatives above two and the bottom picture is dated 1977. The parents seemed to have aged quite a bit.

Clowns to cheer everyone up and it worked! Especially after we were told that it was possible Vietnamese without papers might be returned. Some of the American ladies who helped out had husbands who were B52 pilots and they said they wanted to go back if only given the OK.

Above two Clark AF Base, PI April '75 the first stop after evacuation. Bob, Co and Thuy.

Now who might this be.....? :)

Hue, Dong, Thuy, Virginia and Emily.

I believe the two above are in Vung Tau though I stand to be corrected. :)

Emily and Virginia.

The three above at Camp Pendleton's San Onofre beach and campground May 1975. I bought the RV in northern CA where we landed after another stop at Wake Island and drove down. I was assigned to El Toro MC Air Station.

Emily at  141 Tran Quy Cap 1970. We rented the top half of the French villa for $100 a month which I sent to France .

Emily, Virginia and my 1952 Citroën. 1973/4?

The Embassy's kiddie pool. 1973/4?

141 Tran Quy Cap. Emily and Thuy. 1970


I certainly look in good shape....:)

Emily  at either Vung Tau or San Onofre. 1974/5?

Virginia in her VNCH Ranger uniform holding the VNCH flag which I flew from my boat. This was at Las Palmas Elementary School, San Clemente where Thuy helped out with ESL as many Vietnamese ended up at Camp Pendleton 1975.


  1. Hi Brock,
    Great pix of "You and Yours"... the "Time frame is solid!!" It opens my memory of those exact days and time!! All I have is a bunch of "instamatic" fotos and some "Kodachrome slides"... throw in a few "Prints!!" Time flies when yer' havin' FUN!!

  2. It just breaks my heart to see those photos; I can only imagine how it makes you feel.

    1. Indeed and thanks. Don't know why I just saw this from last year!