Thursday, July 26, 2018

What Do I Say After a Shooting?

 Via Red Pill Jew


You’ve just shot the criminal who broke into your house and threatened you with a weapon. The threat has been neutralized and police have been called.  You’ve read my articles in the past, so you know it’s not a good idea to have a gun in your hand when the cops arrive.  When you hear the sirens, you secure your firearm in a safe place and meet police at the door with empty hands.

The cops initially handcuff you and ask you a couple questions:


  1. First. I live in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If some stanger is inside my home and I shoot them I (1) cannot be arrested nor may the police disarm me once they have established that it is my home and that the shootee does not live there. Second. I cannot be arrested or detained for killing someone who has broken into my home. The inside of my home to include "Any covered porch car park or attached outbuilding". Once they cross the property line I have "no duty to retreat and need only fear for my life or the life of another to use deadly force". In any other public place that I may lawfully carry my weapon in "I have no duty to retreat and need only fear "death or great bodly harm" to use deadly force. Once I have LEAGALLY defended myself the police cannot arrest or disarm me--and they hate that.--Ray