Friday, August 24, 2018

Board of Governors Announces Silent Sam Is Going Back Up

Via Reborn

Thom Goolsby of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors announced in a message to the taxpayers that the Silent Sam statue honoring Confederate soldiers will be returned to its place on campus grounds.

Silent Sam was pulled down in a riot Monday night led by Antifa members and UNC professor Dwayne Dixon. While the media celebrates the destruction of property, many patriots and alumni and members of the Chapel Hill community have expressed outrage, and numerous complaints are being filed with police about assaults that occurred at the riot.

Goolsby announced that the Board will make sure “the perpetrators are punished, judgment is sought for their felonious criminal acts.”


  1. Make those who tore it down be required to pay for the re-installation. That includes students and faculty.

  2. Well said Thom Golsby and thank you from deepest depths of my
    heart. A very determined voice indeed.