Sunday, August 5, 2018

I Insist On A Divorce

Via Adam

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I'm serious; it's time for our nation to undergo a divorce.

The "liberal enclaves" of NY, Oregon, California, Chicago and similar all claim to be the "bastions of our economy."  The problem is that they don't give a crap about how this nation was founded, why it was founded, or what the Constitution is -- or why.  When one of their politicians does something that's illegal and unconstitutional (e.g. DACA) they don't care but when a later politician tries to reverse it they find a black-robed dickhead who has no right to sit on anything but a toilet seat to order that the original illegal act be continued.  The same is true for the 2nd Amendment; they can't get the votes to actually repeal it so people like Cuomo try to put anyone who disagrees with them out of business.  To boycott would be fine except that this isn't a boycott of willing people; it's a felony (18 USC 242) as coercion under color of law or authority is involved and the 2nd Amendment is a civil rightWhen a leftist AG runs firearms to known international criminals running drugs it's ok, but if you are someone he doesn't like you go to prison.  When a sailor takes a photo of a submarine and never shares it with anyone he goes to prison for violating the law with regard to classified information but when a leftist has 30,000 emails, including thousands of classified ones on her server in violation of the same law and they get stolen by the Chinese due to her incompetence and law-breaking the very same federal law enforcement officials are too busy eating donuts or looking for fake Russian spies.  Meanwhile a real Chinese spy was employed by a sitting Senator -- Feinswine -- and she skates and the spy is allowed to "retire"!  Speaking of cops you lefties seem to have a problem with cops who can't shoot straight and those who just shoot anyone they want, then plant evidence.  Too bad all your lefty surveillance crap catches you once in a while -- not that any of you care since that jackass isn't in jail either!

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