Thursday, August 30, 2018

“Silent Sam” Going Back? Don’t Kid Yourself!

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Someone sent me, via email, while I’m still able to get stuff, a picture from
a photo showing the police “surrounding” the Silent Sam statue as it lay on the ground after having been pulled down by a gang of Marxist vandals.

I found it rather ironic. The police waited to “surround” the statue until after the Marxist goons had ruined it. While they were in the process of doing their damage the cops just stood down and let them accomplish their mayhem. Undoubtedly, anyone who had tried to stop them from completing their destruction would have been arrested.


  1. They'll break the law to force their marxist agenda thru just like
    they did in Charlotte by committing Dbl. Jeopardy. I can feel
    the screws tightening. Folks who move to North Carolina must
    know they are moving to a Southern state and Southern heritage
    must be respected or else go back to one of your boob Union
    states. I wonder how many loyal Southerners will show:
    The police know what their job is and anyone who orders them
    to stand down defending the law must be fired and other hideous
    reparations inflicted.

    1. Agreed and thanks.

    2. I tried to find out where the chief came from, and why the sheriff didn't do anything (as he is a life local).

  2. 'The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.' Orwell
    They are destroying history everywhere - NWO crap of course.
    In Iraq, US generals and wealthy slobs were stealing some of the
    oldest history in the world and destroying ancient carvings they
    did not want. I watched the video. Just like Confederate