Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Islamic Lotus

Via David

To the invaders: get out now and go home... those who support this democide, go with them.  Or else.  Because when it starts, no quarter.

In my post England needs to re-instate hangings. And in Europe in general. And in America there are links to a number of other posts I’ve done about the Islamic invasion of Europe, like: Islamic Invasion: They're here to conquer, and they all know it which, in turn, was inspired by Germany: Israeli journalist forges Syrian passport and poses as refugee, concludes most migrants don’t intend to integrate.

One quote, from that last link, sums up the dire situation Western Civilization is in:
The Muslims whom he spoke with in Europe were very open about striving for a Caliphate and Sharia-state.
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  1. The solution is easy. Shoot anyone crossing the border illegally, find and deport anyone who entered the country without permission and do both massively as though their life and country depended on it. There will be those who try to stop the effort; judges, politicians, activists. For the duration of the cleanup they should be looked up and kept incommunicado. After a successful recapture of the country these citizens could be released.