Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Flaky Jeff Flake appears as the new hero of the Left on center stage "global citizen" festival in Central Park last night."

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Sen. Jeff Flake was hailed as a hero Saturday by Judiciary Committee colleague Sen. Chris Coons at the Global Citizen Festival in New York's Central Park.

Flake took the stage at the festival, an MSNBC-televised music event that highlights education, poverty and preventable diseases, and spoke in praise of young people who are active participants in politics.

"So feel free to join me in an elevator any time," he said.

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Sen. Jeff Flake called a 'hero' at Global Citizen Festival

Speaking at the Global Citizen Festival, Flake said, "Feel free to join me in an elevator any time.

I think we see which way The Flake is going to vote when the post-FBI Kavanaugh nomination goes to the full Senate, if it gets that far.

Flake is incredibly nauseating and now it is clear why he is overwhelmingly rejected in his home state; so much so, at (18%) approval, that he, with ZERO chance of reelection, was effectively forced to resign at the end of this term.

Now, as you can see in the linked article, his treachery last week is being rewarded by his new 'fans."
If you're a man anywhere in this nation, given the feminist lunacy going on right now, you had better vote for Republicans and the bedrock principle of innocent unless proven guilty, next month. We all know that Ford's "story" is thin gruel even for initiating a witch hunt, let alone an actual FBI investigation - yet here we are, time-ported by extremist lefties, back in the 16th Century.  They have no shame,  None whatsoever. They would destroy any man you know if its serves their radical lawless political ends.

If you're a woman with a son, a father, a husband, an uncle, even a close male friend, realize that the the same leftist locomotive used to bully and run over a fine man like Judge Kavanaugh can be used against any of them, simply because of their genetic chromosomal arrangement.

Radical feminism is a cancer blighting our nation and women, like men, should resoundingly reject it and stand up for the rights of ALL persons, of guaranteed equality among all individual citizens.and most importantly for women, the rule of law, which is the only thing that universally prevents men from 'owning' women as they still do in some cultures and nations where men are less generous of the sharing the power they have by virtue of their physical strength. 

Men, wake up and vote for the rule of law that protects ALL men, ALL women and ALL those presently uncertain of their gender.



  1. so with the usual give and take of the congress, with his vote what is it that flake want to take from the country this time? does not seem to be worried about re-election. so what is it that he believes that he has traded his honor for???

    1. Praise from the Democrats, I guess. A Useful Idiot.

    2. "A Useful Idiot". Yup and Flake's not alone.We currently have way to many of those in the legislative branch.

    3. Flake is a traitor of the worst sort. He sold his soul a long time ago. He was more than likely promised an ambassadorship or some other great paying .gov position. Judgement Day cometh.

    4. He was more than likely promised an ambassadorship or some other great paying .gov position. Judgement Day cometh.

      I imagine so.

  2. I am a'thinking his nose needs to be broken the other way...

  3. He lives up to his last name, eh?