Tuesday, September 25, 2018

US F-35 fighter jet poised for combat debut

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The US Marine Corps' stealth F-35B Lightning fighter jet could fly its first combat mission within days, according to several US defense officials, who told CNN that the fifth-generation aircraft are currently aboard the USS Essex amphibious assault ship and should soon be in a position to conduct airstrikes over Afghanistan.

The USS Essex has already sailed from the Gulf of Aden into the North Arabian Sea and is expected to move into the Persian Gulf in coming days, one official said.
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  1. Aust bought into that shit thing. Should have got a whole bunch of A-10s. Could have got 5x or more A\C. This is what happens when bloody pilots are in charge.

    (23 Years as a groundie.)

  2. No matter how good an aircraft it is its too expensive to use because its to expensive to loose

  3. But, But, But, it is new and shiny. It has all the fancy new gadgets.

    "A mere day after the Department of Defense touted its first ever combat engagement in Afghanistan, the multi-billion dollar in development and cutting edge Marine F-35B stealth fighter has now experienced another first — one has crashed near a Marine base in Beaufort, South Carolina."



    1. :) Thanks.https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2018/10/americas-costliest-stealth-fighter.html