Thursday, October 11, 2018

CNN Commentator Slams Media For Not Calling Out Antifa “Mob” - "When I criticize the left, I'm basically a fascist"

Via Billy
As someone who spent the better part of a decade chronicling & lamenting the rise of what came to be called “Trumpism” on the Right, it’s worth pointing out that two of the many contributing factors to this were (a) liberal media bias, and (b) the radicalization of the Left.
Never Trumper and CNN commentator writer Matt Lewis broke ranks with many of his colleagues by slamming the media for failing to call out Antifa mob violence.

“It’s funny. When I criticize Trump (which is often!) I am treated as a “serious,” “thoughtful,” and “intellectually honest” conservative. When I criticize the Left, I’m basically a fascist. (I’m gonna keep criticizing both sides when they’re wrong!),” tweeted Lewis as he warned about the “radicalization” of the left.

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