Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Global Cooling is Real – Major Temperature Low 2046?

Via Billy

While NASA has now confirmed that the outer atmosphere is getting cooler, it seems desperately insane for people to keep denying the possibility the Global Cooling is taking place rather than Global Warming when the former brings famine and the latter brings economic expansion as civilizations rise. The rise of Rome was due to global warming as was the case after the Dark Age when they call that the Medieval Warming Period which was 950 to 1300AD.


  1. Part 1:

    Mostly due to our failure to educate, the vast majority have not idea of history. And no clue of basic science. We have college educated morons. A prime example is democrat darling, the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. College degree in economics, when she was ask how to pay for free college and health care, her reply was brilliant, “It’s like rent ya know, you just pay it.” Her college professors must be so proud. But I digress.

    The overwhelming majority of people think history is what happened last week. They have no idea about earth history. Right now today, CO2 levels are at historic record lows. Through the history of earth CO2 levels have higher, much higher than today. Actually, the falling CO2 is what lead to the extinction of all the giant herbivores followed by the giant carnivores during the Pleistocene Era. As the CO2 levels fell, plant life died. Without the abundant availability of plants the giant herbivores could not survive. And without their food supply, the giant carnivores became extinct.

    The labeling of CO2 as a pollutant is pure Junk Science. The truth they ignore is the planet Earth has survived and life has flourished with the CO2 levels 15 to 20 times higher than today. Today CO2 levels are .038% but in the past they have been as high as .68%. And during all those times LIFE EXISTED. There is one correlation they totally ignore. As CO2 levels rise, more of the earth turns green, with plant life. With the increased CO2 levels today, we see areas of earth green that were never green in modern times. As CO2 levels rise, food crops grow bigger, healthier, and more abundant. Remember your basic science from about third or fourth grade. Plants convert CO2 to Oxygen to grow. Basic science, remove the plants food (CO2) and the die. A 1993 review of scientific greenhouse studies found that a doubling of CO2 concentration would stimulate the growth of 156 different plant species by an average of 37%. And not to put on too fine a point, but no plants, no other life.

  2. Part 2:

    When dinosaurs walked the earth the CO2 levels were between Ten Times to Fifteen Times the CO2 level today. NOT ten to fifteen percent but TEN to FIFTEEN TIMES what they are today. And if we are to believe the “global warming scientists” earth was just a flaming sphere where nothing could live. Because isn’t that exactly what they are saying today. We only have TEN YEARS to stop CO2 from rising are all life will perish.

    The true irony is they have painted themselves into a trap. With the sun’s activity falling dramatically, earth is cooling. It is very possible we could be heading into a severe cooling period. While the idea that higher CO2 levels would lead to starvation planet wide. A cooling period much like the “little ice age” would in fact cause global famine. As we cool, using their logic. To save the earth shouldn’t try to increase the CO2 level to warm the surface? There is a got-ya moment.

    CO2 as a greenhouse gas is laughable. It may retain minor amounts of heat but not in sufficient quantities to overheat the planet. Again, knowing a little science helps. The planet Mars, temperatures there rarely get above freezing. And yet the Martian atmosphere is 93.5% CO2, compared to earth at .038%. With that much CO2, shouldn’t Mars be warmer?

    I am going to digress off topic again, but I believe it is relevant. Much of the impetus driving global warming and the blaming man is our turning away from faith. Without faith and without God they are left looking into a mirror. I do not see science and faith in God as being opposite in any way. They actually blend together nicely. But, without any faith, their only solution is to blame themselves. When the fact is, there is no blame, just nature. They have taught the “Theory of Evolution” for over 100-years. It is still a theory because there is zero proof it works. Actually there is more evidence it does not work. But that would be another article.

    If anyone is interested in viewing historic CO2 levels here is a fairly good article. The first graph in the article show we are at an all time low for CO2 concentrations.


    1. Excellent as usual and thank you! :)