Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Earlier this year was the holiday of Purim in which we Jews celebrate our triumph and survival in ancient Persia.  It’s mainly a kids’ holiday; like many Synagogues ours had a carnival with games, tickets, prizes, face painting, food (a local shop made falafel and it was amazing – even my normally-finicky progeny liked it!)… it’s a fun day.  A lot of preparation and work for the adults, but the kids always have a blast – so it’s worth it.
Naturally, I carried concealed.  Which I do every time when I’ve got the kids at a Jewish-themed event.  One person noticed – side note to myself: have to get an IWB holster and a longer vest – and asked if I was crazy bringing a gun into the Synagogue.  My reply?

“Open doors and oodles of Jewish kids.  This is a target rich environment if someone wanted to do something bad.”

They paused and thought for several seconds, then said, “You’re right.”

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