Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Vietnam’s Emergence as a Global Leader in Dental Tourism

I had my teeth whitened for $150.  Everything was brand new, they take pictures before and after as well as showing you the unopened package from the US.
Nearly 100,000 international tourists visited Vietnam last year for dental procedures, bringing in over US$150 million.

Within five years, the number of customers coming for crowns, veneers, implants and cleaning from Australia, Europe, North America and elsewhere in Asia is expected to reach 250,000 as the government focuses their attention on the industry. The confluence of state of the art technology and significantly lower prices are driving the growth. Vietnam Dental Tourism is at the center of this trend, connecting patients with clinics and ensuring top quality treatment.

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  1. Without doubt you'll know this question, how much is travel expense for this trip?

    1. Depends on the time of the year. The price will start going up now and continue through the end of their Tet holiday but after that you can get a R/T for abut $600 and good hotels for under $20. If you decide to go I'll arrange a stay for you at the place I stayed for 5 months year before last.