Saturday, December 8, 2018

Lawmakers Call For A Second Special Counsel As Evidence of Alleged Crimes Mount in Russia Investigation

Via Billy

President Donald Trump announced Friday that he will nominate William P. Barr for Attorney General but what does this mean when it comes to the insurmountable evidence uncovered by Congressional Committees and the Department of Justice Inspector General regarding the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe into the Trump campaign?

Over the past two years Republican and Democratic lawmakers have waged battles both behind closed doors and in public, which have exposed startling evidence of possible malfeasance within the FBI, as well as mounting concerns regarding conflicts of interest, back channeling of information within the DOJ and possible criminal violations regarding the FBI’s dealings with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

But with Democrats taking over the House next year, Republicans will be limited in their scope to investigate and will lose their power to subpoena witnesses. The party, will in effect, be at the mercy of Democrats. So where does this leave the Republican’s ongoing investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe and Hillary Clinton’s use of private servers for government business?

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  1. The truth is my friend, The GLOBAL Progressive Criminal Cabal is HIGHLY ORGANIZED AGAINST THIS NATION, the Constitution, the Schools, and our Culture. Literally every aspect of Americana. They are PROTECTED BY THEIR EVIL COMBINATIONS. This is not their first rodeo. The News Cycle moves on, and we forget what last week's big story was about. A month later and we can't remember the pertinent details. But we know and remember all the salacious details of some celebrities goings on, or the latest sports statistics.

    We The People who work for a living and our daily bread are too damn busy trying to survive/prosper to be organized. Too tired to get involved, and we trust in the Govt. too damn much. We have been corralled into a giant fish trap of sorts. We are awakening to the realities as we see them unfold before our eyes. We outnumber them by a long shot. Unfortunately, too many of us can't, don't, or won't understand/explain/or counter these friggin people and their ruinous desires to control our daily lives, our every thought, and activities.

    Who, how, where, and when will we ever be able to organize our troops. The Progressives have prepared for this battle and we have not. Seriously this will have to get real UGLY, REAL SOON if we are to escape their yoke. The Globalist are tightening their noose, constricting their grasp, and strengthening the weave of their traps everyday. We are just awakening.

    The Lord helps those who help themselves. Those who wakeup too late may be beyond hope for many years, until the controlling forces get lazy, and over confident. This scenario isn't new. It has been the Motus Operandi for millennia. I hate to admit it, but it appears that WE the PEOPLE are the one's who have gotten lazy and over confident. We are the ones about to be destroyed, and cast into slavery as has been the case for ALL GREAT SOCIETIES. Rotting from within.

    How do we get the word out for Americans to WAKE UP and see what is actually happening, understand Why it is happening, and What we need to do to avert this immanent disaster from happening. Americans need to BREAK AWAY FROM THE ENTERTAINMENT BOXES IN OUR LIVES. We are being lulled into Global Slavery. Sorry for the RANT. What more can one do with the time it took to write all this out? What better platform is available to us? Yet only a few good men and women will see, read, or hear our words. There are many who sound the alarm, but few who listen, and even fewer who will act upon the warning. Most will simply hit the snooze button, change the channel, or go to the next blog site.

    1. Thanks.