Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rep. Jim Jordan on Comey's cagey closed-door testimony


  1. Comey is a fookin' liar and these guys know it and have been kabuki dancing for years. I give up. Nadler came out today and said once he takes over the Judiciary Committee he's shit canning this whole parade and will focus on crimes Republicans have committed.

    Everyone knows that the Uniparty weaponized the FBI & DOJ to undermine both Trump's campaign and then his administration. Arguing against that is ridickculous. Yet you can bet your ass that not one of these GD traitors(ValGal, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan...) will EVER face any consequences.

    Right now in Venezuela people are hunting cats and killing zoo animals to survive and yet a majority of young people want socialism(communism). I'm glad I'm 67, it's the perfect age to be able to say I told you idiots so and yet not have to live very long in the nightmare.

    1. EVER face any consequences

      Hopefully something will break when Trump releases the files.