Saturday, December 15, 2018

Smithsonian Trashes Southern Heritage

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Many have naively thought for decades that the Smithsonian was a place where you could learn real history about events in this country and the rest of the world as well. A recent article in the Smithsonian Magazine for December of 2018 has given the lie to such foolishness.

The article can be viewed at If you want something to really upset your supper, this is it! It was written by Brian Palmer and Seth Freed Wessler, both of which writers have impeccable reputations with all the liberal journals in the country, the Washington Post, New York Times, Mother Jones, The Nation and others


  1. Excellent Article again, Brock. Thank you. Did you read the first comment on the article site? That ole boy was fired up, and was maybe a little confused about who's side the author of the article was on. The Author, Mr. Benson was spot on about what the writers of the Smithsonian Article were doing, and why they were doing it. He wrote:

    "If this obvious propaganda piece is the best that the Smithsonian can do then they should hang their heads in shame!"

    May I suggest a couple of interesting sites for the REAL Truth about many of these type of social justice subjects that are being purposefully distorted by the Commie Progressive crowd. You and you readers probably already know about these sites and others as well. These are some of my favorites:

    The first is Prager University. Dennis Prager has a Top Notch Program of FREE 5 Minute VIDEOS that really seem to be very popular with young and old seekers of the truth. There is a lot of information delivered in a unique style to those who take the time. The videos are kind of addictive, once you get started. Young minds love them.

    Second would have to be Hillsdale College and their Christian Based Constitutional Studies Program. Again quite popular for all truth seeking adults.

    And Third, may I present Joe Dan Gorman for a lighter side of good homecooked Conservative Political Humor. Joe Dan is a Hillbilly Videographer with a distinct CONSERVATIVE FLAIR and a TRUE LOVE OF THIS COUNTRY. Your name can be in the credits of the next show with a small donation. As Joe Dan says "Froglegs are free to watch, but not free to make. But if you can't donate, well then we are probably cousins."

    The Smithsonian Article was a HIT PIECE by a couple of Liberal Truth Assassins with an obviously dubious mission. The site above, "Revised History," might stand to reconsider the Name for more clarification as to their true tones and allegiances. It seemed to me to be pro Conservative site, mocking the liberal Press, and the Truly LIBERAL Slant of the Smithsonian.

    This whole revisionist approach to history was KICKED INTO INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE by Barack H. Friggin Obama when he ordered his minions to go into the National Archives and RE-WRITE History wherever possible to more truly reflect, ...Blah, Blah, Blah! He had references placed into a lot of KEY speeches throughout American History to note that the sentiments, thoughts and prayers of the founding fathers were the reasons why he and his goons did what they were doing. That these hallowed words were the what fomented his thoughts about how they governed this Nation, Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Truth be told everyone needs monies to keep the show going, as I am sure you understand, Brock. Therefore they tend to write what sells for them, I reckon. Thank you sir for your time.

    1. Did you read the first comment on the article site?

      Yes and totally agree.
      Prager University.

      Yes and just realized that I don't get his videos as before.
      I love frog legs and they have some huge ones in Vietnam.


  2. Brock, I mentioned National Archives revisionisms, earlier but didn't give a reference for my statement. Here is a good start for those who have Questions.

    Here is a small excerpt: "To support this effort, in 2014 President Obama signed the Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments. For the first time electronic government records were placed under the 1950 Federal Records Act. The new law also included updates clarifying "the responsibilities of federal government officials when using non-government email systems" and empowering "the National Archives to safeguard original and classified records from unauthorized removal.”

    "Additionally, it gives the Archivist of the United States the final authority in determining just what is a government record."

    "And yet the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and “loss” of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges."

    There are many other sites as well with more details. This is just a taste. The preverbal Tip of the Iceberg. What have these ASS-Clowns been up to. IMHO, This Rabbit Hole RUNS REAL DEEP.


  3. Guess who is STILL the National Archivist:

    Dom, Dom, Dom! Wait, What? Missing Records at the National Archives? And this guy still has the JOB? Deep State Ops?

  4. Instead of Dixie being that country that has produced some of the greatest writers, musicians and military leaders to ever live, Dixie has now become the land of irredeemable racism, ignorance and violence. The power of propaganda that's why you look the other
    way. Wilson of 1984 wasn't taken in and I'm not either.

  5. Change isn't progress. Thank God.
    Oh, I'm a good old Rebel, now that's just what I am;
    For this "Fair Land of Freedom" I do not give a damn!
    I'm glad I fit against it, I only wish we'd won,
    And I don't want no pardon for anything I done.

  6. This is the history I remember and the history that is going on
    today which is now being hidden:
    Some brains cannot be altered though China is trying.
    i.e. It wasn't 'Wilson', it was 'Winston'. I knew that.

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  8. Please check out most recent article on It is a book review of Dr. Boyd Cathey's latest book "The Land We Love--The South and its Heritage." Posted 12/22.

  9. Yes and I posted your link on the original.