Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Long Night is Coming


"Today is the final day of 2018. As years go, it was adequate to its purpose, which was delivering us in one complete orbit about the Sun. Enough with retrospectives: let us understand what is coming in 2019.

The coming year will be an exceptionally difficult one for the republic, perhaps even uniquely so.

Two major streams of events will at their confluence yield extraordinary outcomes: the advent of the 2020 Presidential-campaign cycle, and the nearly inevitable impeachment of the President by the now-incoming Democratic House. (Impeachment by the House will likely succeed, conviction-and-removal by the Senate will likely fail.) The mechanisms of it all will yield imperatives for maximal behavior by all parties. It will become impossible to compromise without communicating fatal weakness to the other side, impossible to retreat without being immolated by your own.


  1. Sleep and eat when you can. Be prepared, and ready, to protect your own wherever and whenever. This schitt is about to go FERAL.