Saturday, January 5, 2019

Trump ponders 'emergency' powers to build border wall: 'I can do it if I want'

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President Trump said Friday he could declare a national emergency on the border and order his government to build fencing without needing to go to Congress for additional funding.

“I can do it if I want,” he said, adding, “I may do it.”

He said he’s still interested in trying to get a deal done with Congress on funding his border wall plans, but he made clear he hasn’t foreclosed other options for erecting the barrier he promised voters in 2016 would be built and paid for by Mexico.


  1. Turkey's wall and they even have landmines positioned near it:

    We, we have nothing and that slated fence being discussed is
    nothing. Those who do not wish to protect the country, step down;
    there is no place for you here. Your just a bag of old bones.

  2. Thanks.

    I imagine if they used lighted,slated, metal fencing wired with 220 and visually monitored 24/7 with quick reaction teams staged to cover intrusions that it would work.

    1. I don't know but don't forget those landmines or claymores
      as you prefer. Maybe the fence could electrofied, high
      voltage and can not be shorted out like in the old days.

    2. :) Backed up by Claymores and .50 cal as the last defense.

    3. The following article says that the metal slats can be
      sawed thru as pictured. I'm definitely not big on the
      metal slat fence. We need a real big, beautiful wall:

    4. Cheaper yet, Punji stick traps along the complete line of the border! :) & poop is free. :)

  3. Trumps claims that he can invoke Emergency Powers to build the wall is NOT a bluff....and the left KNOWS this. That is why they are screaming so loudly that he CANNOT do so in the effort to fool the populace into thinking he can't. However thanks to Dubya the Shrub who signed The Patriot Act and Obozo the SCOAMF doing the bidding of his puppet master Jarrett ( and with the happy and willing compliance of Congress) created dozens of new rules and orders to expand Executive Power we now have a situation where the President can, if he chooses do pretty much ANYTHING he want to. Of course when the "deep state" was creating this situation they truly believed they would ALWAYS own and control whoever controlled the White House. They did not believe anyone like Trump would come along and take the office and not bow down to them. So yes....Trump CAN build the wall via the plenipotentiary power he has thanks to the conniving and plotting of the bureacracy.

    1. Thanks.