Monday, February 11, 2019

Comment on How US Army Can Secure Border Under Natl Emergency...

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Indeed. Mirrors my 'wall strategy':

Rush and all the Right's pundits say a court challenge to Trump's National Emergency Order will stymie securing the border.


FDR stood up to the Supreme Court and they blinked.

Reagan didn't worry about a court order for Grenada.

It's called the 'How many divisions does the Pope have?' option...courtesy of Uncle Joe Stalin.

Trump must reestablish the primacy of the authority of the Commander in Chief in securing the country while ignoring judicial or legislative roadblocks.

3 Courses of Action...used separately or together:

1- Declares a national emergency and deploys active engineer units to begin securing the border...and ignores any court order. 'Wobbly' commanders are relieved of duty until an officer who can follow 'legal, moral, and ethical' orders (the Lieutenant Calley standard) takes command. (How many battalion commanders does the 9th Circuit direct?)

2- Declares that all National Guard and Reserve units, as part of their 'Annual Training' (2-week ATs each summer), are 'redirected' in their training plans to remote areas of the border near Ft. Bliss, Ft. Huachuca, and Yuma Proving Grounds, to install hundreds of tons of concertina wire, pickets, and barrier material that is rusting away in motor pools across the country from the Gulf wars (ALL already paid for).

3- Redeploys the forces from both Syria and Afghanistan to 'demobilization' training to areas vicinity Ft. Bliss, Ft. Huachuca, and Yuma Proving Grounds for temporary duty installing wire, pickets and barrier material in the most remote areas of the southern border.

Is it a wall? No.

Is it a steel barrier? Kinda.

It is a barrier though, helps channel illegals to more actively secure locations on the border, demonstrates resolve to secure the border, reestablishes the President's role and authority as Commander in Chief, and 'moves the ball forward.'



  1. And if the Court and Congress want to puff up their chests and threaten to impeach then declare martial law and they can spend the interim period at Gitmo.

  2. Thanks for posting Brock!


    aka 'Joe Tentpeg'

  3. Ps.

    So I'm in a Walmart here in southern NM Sunday as I walk past two elderly latinas in deep conversation, one with her husband.

    As I walk past I hear the phrase "...pinche gringos por Trump...."

    My wife's hispanic so I knew the translation...basically 'the f*cking gringos are for Trump.'

    While on active duty I noticed many Walmarts in the rural areas vicinity where I was stationed were in effect, local 'townhalls.'

    Now it appears we have illegals using our 'townhalls'...complaining about the 'gringos' support of Trump.

    Joe Tentpeg

    1. PPs.

      BTW. We have something in common: both 'vets' of military schools. Me?

      Marmion Military Academy, Aurora IL, '76-'80

      Catholic military school run by ...Benedictine monks.

      Could be why I'm a little 'twisted.' joe

    2. :) The best 4 years of my life, bar none! I learned more there than in the Army.Trump went to 4 years also.

  4. Okay, well it sounds like a hell-la-va Plan. LET'S get CRACKING! What are we waiting for, again? I am hearing this could have been started 2 friggin years ago!, LOAD'EM UP, MOVE'EM OUT! Think of all the flight training hours that could have been flown along the border, training for TAC-Ps, Army and Marine Snipers, Civil Engineers, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy Sea Bees, communication tower installations, intruder surveillance technologies, bivouacs, sandbag filling, heavy equipment operations, rock stacking, masonry, electrical, plumbing skills honed. There are a lot of job skills involved in such a grand endeavor. Hells Bells, some of these troops could have been trained to the Journeyman if not Master Level in these skills and they would be getting out of the Military making way for other young troops to take their places on learn a friggin TRADE. Instead of wasting away in their parents basement playing some mind-sucking video game, or on some damn University Campus studying Women's Health and Psych, or Global Environmental Sciences, being taught by a Radical Hate AMERIKA SPEWING Marxist Pinhead. Just Saying, Ya'll.

  5. I might be a bit too twisted for some of you guys. I'm a big fan of scorched earth and mass executions. But ya know what? I like what I have read so far!

  6. The only good communist or socialist is a dead one!

    1. Death by 1,000 Cuts! We'll get along just fine.....:)