Friday, April 19, 2019

Northam calls for Jefferson Davis arch on Fort Monroe to come down

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Fort Monroe: Jefferson Davis Archway

Gov. Ralph Northam has called for the removal of the Jefferson Davis Memorial arch at Fort Monroe, saying its continued presence has an “adverse effect” on the historic property and urged the authority’s board of trustees to initiate steps to take it down.

In a letter presented Thursday to the Fort Monroe Authority Board of Trustees, Chief of Staff Clark Mercer relayed the governor’s stance, asking an eight-member panel and those ex-officio members present to take necessary steps to remove the arch and all references to the Jefferson Davis Memorial Park, located at Bernard and Ruckman road intersection near a 500-yard terreplein.

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  1. Hasn't he got some newborns to kill somewhere? Or maybe there are just no pressing problems that Virginia faces. Or maybe his rapist Leut. Gov. needs an issue to campaign on. "I destroyed history so you can feel comfortable in your ignorance!"

    1. "I destroyed history so you can feel comfortable in your ignorance!"


  2. What happened to his BlackFace? That sure disappeared fast.
    I'll always remember him as BlackFace, yet he has the hypocrisy to attack a true Southerner.

    1. If he had been a R he would have been long gone.